Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Medium of instruction should be in national language or English?

Many controversies over the language issue is predominant in the newspaper and people's mind. Should be in Bahasa Malaysia or in English is not real problem to solve. How does the government implement for the benefit of the future generation? This is the seventh year and still we have teething problem. Where did we as a nation go wrong ? 1. Curriculum. The topics covered under the syllabus are adequate and no one complained about the insufficiency of the knowledge the children acquire in due process of learning. 2. The teaching aids are abundant and these are seldom used. 3. The teachers are at the last rung to implement this policy at ground level. 4. The gurus should have the qua;ity of magnanimous Gurus. They should be well educated, knowledgeable, intelligent, devoted and must have the interest in teaching, though there are many shortfalls in their ability. Our children learn a lot from watching television. One way to improve the situation is, using audio visual aids and the pre recorded lessons CDs provided by the government. Use the projector to get clear vision and the teachers are there to explain either in English or BM depends upon the student's ability. Don't we have this facility? Yes. We have. Having everything very modern and expensive in all our government institutuions and not having enough intelligent personnel to run, check, and maintain is the real issue that government should look into and solve.

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