Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Missing’ PKR reps cry foul

Jamaluddin said…. “I will not shirk my responsibilities… “ Being a public officer, duly elected to the position and been incommunicado is “not shirking my responsibilities”, I am not sure what it is called then. You have a responsibility to your voters and been contactable is one way to expressing your responsibilities. Even if you cannot be contacted due to other commitments, surely your political secretary should be able to advise all those who want to contact you. Nobody knows where you are, is a blatantly irresponsible to your colleagues’, voters and family members. You could be in a life threatening situation and having a corruption case to answer, the sheriff would definitely want to know.

“I have not resigned. I will challenge the validity of the ‘old’ letter as it was signed under duress.” If you were forced to sign the letter and it was against your principle to sign it, then why sign it. By signing it, it means you understood the terms and conditions, the rules of the game and the consequences of your intended action. You signed it and you lose the right to cry foul. You should not have sign that letter in the first place. The excuse is lame and only reflect your personal value as a corruptible person.

Our society has moved on, there is no room for such behavior and attitude.

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