Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fuel Price hike - malaysia solution

Don't Treat Us Like MORON

Fuel price hike 41% was announced 7 hours before its implementation. We had no time to adjust ourselves.

Entertainment allowance slashed up to 10% (out of mostly over RM10k) - announced 29 days before implementation. They still have plenty of time to enjoy the over RM10k worth of monthly entertainment!

"Entertainment" allowance of at least RM6k. Wow...

If you think 10% cut from your "entertainment" is harsh enough, think about how many people in Malaysia who live on less than 10% of your monthly "entertainment" allowance. Even if there are 1000 ministers in this country, 10% cut from all your 'enjoyment' allowance is not even enough to help 1% of the poor in the country.

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