Saturday, June 14, 2008

Malaysian . . . ???

I was just really curious as to why people are afraid to stand up sometimes, but now i think i have a clearer picture.

1. Scared to go to jail?
2. What for bring trouble to myself?
3. Dont wan to busy body?
4. Dont waste time no use one

No doubt we fret and grumble, but how many actually put it into action? like one post mentioned earlier....We are the bosses of the government not the other way around....and after reading this blog a lot would say...come lets see you do it then...that is the thing we Asians have, i wish there were more Karpal Singh's. Imagine a court room full of him, i doubt the government would say much more. There really is no glory in Malaysia now is there...sigh....another pointless program organized is the National Service, or the so called National Service. My Singaporean cousins laugh at the sound of it. I mean honestly, what is the National Service for. I asked my friends and all they say....oo i meet new friends. Like i dont meet new friends in College. Do u really think that in times of needs that Malaysia would call upon their National Service trainees who only fired one round of arms to defend our country. Plus not to mention the amount of CASH invested in this pretty much pointless programs. All you can say is, oh i've been thru the national service in malaysia, but when questioned what you do there. I rather not talk about it. Where is Malaysia headed for really...our first angkasawan in doubt i'm proud that malaysia FINALLY got into space but after that what happens, cause i really think that the follow up is also as important as the event itself...a lot of things are done like half way thru and well it was better not done in the first place then....pls do feel free to comment... tell me i'm wrong...disagree watever it is...i love feed backs

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