Friday, June 20, 2008

Sabah SAPP shock move

It all came as a "shock" for many of us, including myself being a Sabahan. However, SAPP deserved to make a "grudge" though it may seem to be over-the-top and irresponsible, being a BN component member. This is based on unknown scenario to most of Malaysians who are not fully immersed of the Sabah political scenario for the past one decade or so. If we look at the Sabah whereby SAPP, as a prominent Chinese-based party was being intimidated by other BN component members, especially UMNO, LDP and PBS (whom Yong was the former Deputy Party President before quitting and established SAPP). To be frank, SAPP has served the people reasonably well for the past many years under Yong, and thus won quite a great support from the general public especially amongst the Chinese, specifically in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and Tawau. Though having a strong grassroot supports at these areas, at least 7 consituencies, SAPP was only given the chance under BN seat-sharing policy in only 2 parliamentary seats. I would say SAPP will have won in all these 7 constituencies even under non-BN ticket, as the majority voters support is for SAPP, rather than BN. So, Yong was throwing his frustration being ignored and overlooked by the Federal leaders, ironically Pak Lah in this case. I should think it was SAPP won 2 seats for BN, rather than what Pak Lah said BN gave SAPP opportunity to contest in 2 seats in the 8 March election. Frankly speaking, if SAPP were to use their own party ticket to contest, BN ticket will be obselete and overlooked by majority voters as the BN chosen candidates are hardly people's choice in these constituencies. It was the choice of a few priviledge people. Hence, Yong's opinion of BN being irrelevant has some amount of truth. The least of truth is BN has became so arrogant (especially the leadership) and forgot that the choice of people shall be uplifted under all circumstances. The SAPP's grudge is only one of many aftermaths due to such arrogance and ignorance. Really speaking, who cares about Anwar and PKR, the locals wanted to be respect as Sabah Statesmen and not subjects and subsets of arrogant rulers who even hardly shown compassions during many struggles the Sabah state has to go through.

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