Saturday, June 14, 2008

STOP Betting!


For those who like betting, do your own calculation here:

I used to bet on 4D or 1+3D. Each draw, I spent RM15.00 -RM20.00.

There are 3 draws per week, 52 weeks per year. So, 3 X 52 = 156 draws per year. Also at least 1 Special Draw per month. Let say, 14 Special Draw per year plus 156 equal to 170 draws per year.

Result: 170 draws X RM18.00 (average) = RM3,060.00 per year. This is almost the reward of 1st prize of RM3,500.00. That means, If I quit betting for one year, I can save RM3,060.00 and also "mean" I already strike 1st prize. And If I quit betting for 10 years, I save RM30,600.00 plus earn bank interest.

How many of us strike 1st prize before? Is it easy? Ask people around us. If it is easy, why people still want to work. Mights well just betting.

Of course, my assumption is based on RM18.00 per draw. Some may bet RM2.00 per draw X 170 draws = RM340.00 per year.

I have seen people bet RM50.00 to RM100.00 per draw.

And, With the RM3,060.00 save per year, I can pump petrol for 1 year (around RM300.00 per month). Also, by saving the RM3,060.00, indirectly I can say that I 'strike' 1st prize every year.


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