Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rumors leads to jams at Sabah petrol kiosk

I do not want to elaborate much on this issue, but my friend was one of the members having meeting yesterday. She had informed us to fill up our tanks stating that they have come to an agreement to refuse to sell (I would called this reliable information).

5pm – Ministry in the KPDNHEP issue statement that, 1). This is a rumor, 2). Warn against dealer that stern action will be taken against those who refuse to sell. I would call this is contradiction statement. The question? Why you wanted to warn these dealers if you are so sure this is rumor?

I can only have one assumption. Given the current turmoil boiling inside UMNO (SAPP vote of no confidence), this should not be published in any news. Otherwise, the vote of no confidence from SAPP would turn to vote of no confidence from the citizen.

However, our government should be commended on settling this matter in an overnight time.

Hope that this posting would shed some light to the CB citizen and all citizen.

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