Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wake up Leader - After 100th days of the Election

It has been more than 100 days after the election. I just curious if the leader know what they suppose to do, what is their job? Till now occasionally I still read from newspaper that some MPs still try to find out why BN lose. why can't they just do what they suppose to do as MP. Rakyat will see your performance.

It has become like a Hong Kong gangster movie now, they are fighting for territory, now they lose so they are planning to get it back. Please do your good job for the next 4 yrs and Rakyat will know what to do. Not everyday talk about why u lose and how to fight back.

Sometime I really dun know what our leader is doing? These few months I only hear they talking about fuel price. After the price hike, now talk about seperate pump again for foreign car? is this fuel issue only thing to do in this country? nothing better to do? Why cannot you put more effort in getting in more investments from foreigner in Msia? how about develop our country transport infrastructure, anti corruption? The policy implement causing price hike in all area, and hurt the retail business. All these without proper plan and I just wonder how can we compete with neighbourhood country. Msia Boleh has become a joke to our neighbourhood country while they see all those ridiculous thing happened around lately.

All leader, please wake up !

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