Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mat Rempit dies trying to flee police roadblock

From my previous post:

I noticed that there are people do sympathized with the Mat Rempit. My post is harsh? Read on. This happened 2 years ago, I was a traffic junction near Chow Kit, the pedestrian crossing light was green. A pregnant mother pushing a baby cart crossing the road. A group of Mat Rempit from nowhere charging down the road and collided with the mother and the baby. The mother died on the spot. The baby, probable had died as the baby cart was beyond a cart. Not a single Mat Rempit stop and help. Al I heard was "lari, cepat, lari". Case not published on papers.

A young couple driving in Damansara was chase by a group of Mat Rempit. The young couple’s almost hit my car as they tried to escape. I was shocked to read in the papers the next day that same hit a tree and the couple died. They have tried their best to save themselves but because they are too scare, the driver lost control of the car.

Tell me, are those innocent people deserve to died or the Mat Rempits? Am I wrong calling them murderers? Don’t get me wrong. Mat Rempits are not uneducated people. Some have high ranking job, university’s students, sons of prominent people inclusive of policemen. They are doing it for fun. But during their trills, innocent people got killed. Do you think all shoplifters are poor and can’t afford the item that they shoplifted? Mat Rempits have mental illness and required to be put away. I can’t think of a better term to describe them. All I know is they are murdering the innocent while committing suicide.

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